“Hi, my name is Colin. I have been at Murray Haven for approx. 5 months. I came to Murray Haven due to health reasons. Since then my health has improved greatly, due to the wonderful care received. The food, activities & outings are all great. Along with the Staff”
Colin D’ Elton, Resident


 “I am very happy here. I love this place. Staff always go above and beyond” 

Yvonne Murphy, Resident


 “If I cannot be home, this is where I like to be”

Pauline Pertzel, Resident


  “Great Staff. Beautiful room, to make my own. Awesome food choices” 

Julie Ferguson, Resident


  “I love Murray Haven. I was on the Board for many years, so I know the insides & outs” 

John McDonald, Resident


  “I love everyone here. It is home away from home” 

Ian Napier, Resident


“Absolutely terrific facility…Carers are always happy to help…Delicious food choices”. “I have always found Murray Haven to have wonderful, cheerful staff and a homely atmosphere”.
Rita Shannon, Resident


 “After some health problems I was at a loss as to where I was going to go.  The opportunity to become part of the Murray Haven community was offered to me and I haven’t looked back.  The staff are kind and friendly, the food is delicious and I’m very grateful for Murray Haven.”
Paddy Hare, Resident


 “If I cannot be home, there is no place I’d rather be”
Barbara Parkes, Resident


 “As I am unable to be at home on my own, I’m here at Murray Haven.  The staff’s professionalism and friendly manner is at the forefront.  My room is absolutely lovely and I’ve been able to make it into my own home. Thank you Murray Haven.”

Annie Murphy, Resident