Life members

Jim McConnell

Kath Sheldrick

Bruce Boyd

Dot Laughlin

Anne Skate

Malcolm (Mocca) Hare

John Dusting

Jenni Johnston

Les Bray

Les became a member of the board in 2002 and then went on to become president. There were many challenges as a president with many changes made in head office and staff. He has seen many great staff come and go over the years. There were many building changes made and the highlight of his involvement with the board was the link up with the hospital. He was very thrilled to have been made a life member in 2018, and still enjoys his mornings and occasional lunches with the residents and staff. He is still a volunteer but is retired from the board. He states “thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives as part of my heart will always be with Murray Haven, be it residents, staff, management, workers and volunteers”.

Val James

Val was made a life member in 1999. She served the board until she began working at Murray Haven. She attended nearly all meetings once it was decided to have a home to look after people who were in need of help. This was in memory of her mother who had Alzheimer’s, and had to go to Kew Colleges as there was no help for them in those days. At the Auxiliary formation meeting, Val was elected Honorary Secretary/Treasurer on 14th March 1979, from there Val went onto the main board, but wasn’t there long before starting work at Murray Haven.

Bill Jackson

Bill was born in Minyip in 1933. He moved to Cohuna in 1954 with Sid Cagally to play football for Union. Bill married Pam in 1958 and soon after bought a dairy farm in Queensland. Since moving to Barham in 1979, Bill has enjoyed living in such a caring community and his time as a Board Member at Murray Haven was a particularly special time. He loved the interaction with the residents and a highlight was the building and opening of the beautiful lounge and kitchen, and the McConnell wing. He and wife Pam are enjoying travel, and spending time with their wonderful family, in their retirement.