Maintaining a connection with the local community contributes greatly to the wellbeing of our residents. One of the most meaningful, mutually rewarding ways to achieve this is volunteering. Murray Haven Homes greatly values the contributions made by our volunteers in providing valuable support to our residents including the following activities:

  • Transport to specialist appointments
  • Facilitation of lifestyle activities (eg. Bingo, Art Group, BBQ, Men’s Night, Pedicures & Manicures)
  • Companionship for isolated individuals
  • Fundraising events

We are extremely fortunate to have a hardworking group of dedicated ladies on our Auxiliary Committee. These volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year, organising functions and events to raise funds to purchase new plant and equipment.

We would love you to bring your passions, interests and hobbies into Murray Haven Homes, and share them with residents, their family members and staff. Take the first step today and contact us.