"We are lucky to have this wonderful establishment in our town...Wonderful staff that are dedicated to their job...Great food, laundry and cleaning services and 24/7 medical attention"

Norman Easther, resident

"Absolutely terrific facility...Carers are always happy to help...Delicious food choices". "I have always found Murray Haven my favourite haunt because of the wonderful, cheerful staff and homely atmosphere". Dave has been a volunteer here at Murray Haven for over 35 years, entertaining the residents with his music.

Rita and Dave Shannon, resident and respite

"I love living here, the staff are great, and we have delicious food with great choices"

Elaine Harmon, resident

"I love the fact that I can have family and friends come and visit me any time, and that they are always made to feel welcome"

Christine Adams, resident

"Not being a local to the area was difficult at first, but it did not take me long to make lovely new friends amongst the staff and other residents. My waistline has definitely increased with all the lovely food, and I am very happy where I am"

Pam Thorogood, resident

"If I cannot be home, there is no place I'd rather be"

Barbara Parkes, resident