COVID 19 Update 21st July 2020

For information to our Murray Haven Homes Ltd Community:

Border restrictions change at Midnight on Tuesday July 21st 2020. This will have immediate effect on Murray Haven Homes and the ability to visit a loved one if you are a VICTORIAN resident.

The following is from and has been edited for the purpose of this post:


To be eligible for a permit, you must be one of the following:

– a NSW resident returning home
– a cross-border resident – check your border zone eligibility
– a carer for an individual entering NSW
– a person providing critical services, including:
freight, transport or logistics
– maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure
– medical or hospital care

All Victorian based staff at Murray Haven are in the category of providing critical service and will apply for a permit.

Murray Haven use a number of Victorian based contractors and suppliers that maintain our equipment and supply goods. We have screening processes in place additional to the permit application process. Murray Haven are following all NSW Health directives to ensure compliance with all rules.

For Visitors (Victorian Residents):

You’re also eligible for a permit if you are:

applying on compassionate grounds (e.g. visiting a terminally ill person). You will need to apply to NSW Health for a compassionate permit exemption code before applying for your border entry permit.

Note: In the event of any person needing to apply for a permit on compassionate grounds Murray Haven will assist where possible.

Residents of Barham are able to visit their loved ones and make an appointment to do so. This has not changed.

We understand that this is a very trying time for all concerned but consistent with all of our previous advice is that our main concern is the welfare and well being of our residents. This is their home and we must strive to keep them safe, healthy and provide an environment that enables them to have a fulfilled lifestyle.

All of the staff are doing an amazing job.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Gary Kairn CEO